Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Artist's Magazine - April 2014

As you may know I am one of the co-founders of the blog Women Painting Women.  We have been working since March of 2009 to create an online resource that highlights the incredible work of some of today's best figurative painters (that just happen to be women).  We have also worked tirelessly to organize multiple exhibitions to further gain exposure for these artists.  Women Painting Women begs us to question whether women see and therefore paint the female figure differently than has been been traditionally represented through out history.  Can women be represented as more than mere passive subjects, icons of beauty?  There has been a wonderful article written by Louise Hafesh in the April 2014 edition of The Artist's Magazine on the history and development of Women Painting Women.  I am honored to have both my efforts towards WPW's goals, as well as my own work featured in this eight page article.  Make sure you pick up your copy at a newsstand or bookstore near you.  I've also heard digital copies are also available thru an online subscription.  More info on The Artist's Magazine can be found at    

Paintings by Alexandra Tyng, Zoey Frank and Ellen Eagle are but a few of the great works shared in this expansive article.  I am honored that the editors chose to share my painting Rising Tide as well.  More on the thoughts that went into that painting can be read on this blog just a few posts down, or by clicking here.  Many thanks to writer Louise Hafesh and also to all the fine folks at The Artist's Magazine.  Thank you for the great support!