Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother Reading still in progress

This week has been a tough one, but I still have managed to get a bit more time on the Mother Reading painting. For the figure, I still need to work on her hands and arms. Her hands got a bit too big and clumsy and the color on her left forearm got too muddy. I also have much of the background to work out still. You can see some of the books have found their place, but even the more fleshed out books have missing details, that painting from life (since this is my living room) can afford me to get into. I'm trying to remain conscious of the focus of the work and I'll try to not let these details overpower the figure. Also, some fun things to see out the window (and the structure of the window). Oh and straight edges are hard! So, as you can tell, I'm still working on this one. Have patience... it's getting there.

Mother Reading
oil on panel
20" x 16"


  1. I love seeing the process, it is my favorite part of a painting. Thanks for sharing, I also love the viewpoint. It reminds me of a Mary Cassatt.

  2. emm- I so appreciate your comments. I have been hesitant to share in progress works before, but hopefully viewers can tell the difference between finished works and those that still need work.

    The comparison to Mary Cassatt is a kind one. It's sad to say, that for a long time I avoided even looking at her works (there were several opportunities) because I was afraid that the seemingly negative sentimentality of her work, would somehow invade my subconscious. I'm glad I got over that fear of the sentimental. Now I believe there is nothing wrong with showing love for the things and people you love.

  3. Coming along nicely Alia! I agree with the Cassatt comparison.

  4. Thanks Alice! I love what you are doing with your butterfly series. I love drawing with charcoal on vellum as well (sort of like Mylar). Oh, that reminds me... I don't think I have any of those posted here.