Friday, August 26, 2011

Daniel Sprick

This past week I had the ultimate pleasure of spending time in Philadelphia with my very good friends Diane Feissel, Rachel Constantine and fellow NC artist Susan Lyon.  We were all enrolled in a workshop at the esteemed Studio Incamminati taught by the incredible Colorado artist Daniel Sprick.  There have been several posts on facebook and on the other artist's blogs about this workshop (Philly artist William Sentman did two great posts on the workshop which you can read by clicking: Day 1 or Day 2 and Diane Feissel did a great post titled Sprick).

Here are some photos of the experience with a few captions. 

Painting at Rachel's beautiful studio on Thursday before the weekend workshop.
(left to right: Sue Lyon, Diane Feissel, Daniel Sprick & Rachel Constantine off camera to left)

 Saturday, Day 1. Drawing

Daniel's final drawing demo.

Daniel starts another drawing demo from the model.

Daniel's final figure drawing demo.
My drawing of model Ron.

Day 2. Painting!

Susan Lyon taking Daniel's seat.

Daniel Sprick's palette.

Daniel's final painting demo (detail below)

My painting from the workshop.

Many thanks to Rachel and Diane for your amazing hospitality; to Daniel for the wonderful experience; to Studio Incamminati for hosting this great workshop and also a huge thank you to the lovely Lea Colie Wight for lending me your spare drawing board and paper.  Philly is full of amazing people!! 


  1. It sounds like the super-ultimate experience, so happy you and the other artists experienced it! It's like a weekend with a modern day Rembrandt! Thanks for posting these.

  2. Nancy and Terry, yes it WAS great! Daniel had no pretension about him. He was always open and honest with his thoughts but not unkind in presenting them. He is totally non-judgmental about how other artists might go about solving their own issues.

    It is ironic that you bring up Rembrandt Terry! Daniel treated Sue, Rachel and I to the beautiful exhibition of "Rembrandt and Jesus" at the PMA that Friday. Having the opportunity to see the works along side Daniel, was an experience I won't soon forget. I enjoyed every minute of my time in Philly - I always do!

    Thanks for reading!! :)