Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Believe The Skeptic is fini

Well, I wanted to write a post about my finished self portrait titled The Skeptic.  You know, give you some behind the scene thoughts that brewed while working on this painting.  But no matter how many different ways I try - I suck at taking photos of my own work.  There is always a pesky glare, bad exposure or it just is slightly out of focus.  There is also the annoyance that every single computer screen I see the work on has it's own color cast.  I know that all artists have to deal with that last problem.  I know that we all trust that you, dear readers, know that the painting is much better in person..  At this point I am just SO frustrated.  I miss my old 35mm Canon AE1 (but not those slides we artists used to have to take of our work).  Alas, I will continue to try to figure out the overabundance of settings on this damn digital camera! 

Here are a few of my most recent attempts at photographing The Skeptic.  On this computer they seem to be dark and have very inaccurate color, but maybe on your's these photos look amazing... one can dream. grrr

 The Skeptic, oil on panel, 20" x 16"

The Skeptic, oil on panel, 20" x 16"

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