Thursday, August 6, 2009

Share the love (again)

I wanted to share with you all another blog that I enjoy reading now and again. The Hidden Place holds a phenomenal collection of great artists, primarily painters (with representational tendencies). Do any of you know who does all the work over at The Hidden Place? I must admit, I do love that this blog doesn't have an obvious author. It somehow takes the ego out of the equation. It even is hard to know how to say thank you to this blogger. He/she has posted some great artists, most recently my very favorite sculptor Nicola Hicks.

I discovered Nicola Hicks work way back when I was in undergraduate school in Laguna Beach, CA (LCAD). At the time there was a Flowers West Gallery at Bergamot Station (which was once a train depot, now turned into a huge complex of several galleries and a small museum). Flowers West no longer is there, which is a great loss for the Los Angeles art scene, as this was one heck of a gallery (Flowers East still remains a constant presence in London). As a student (well still really) all I could afford were the beautiful catalogues they produced for her shows. In fact, at one time shortly after graduating, my husband and I seriously considered selling our Volkswagen to be able to purchase a life size sculpture of a child from her series about Little Red Riding Hood. I really wish we had been able to make that work. I still think of that sculpture and not being able to see it (except in photos) is heartbreaking. It really is a bummer when reality and the practical issues of life (like how to move a life size bronze around the country with you as you relocate, let alone the ever present issues of $$) win over the power of Art to move you. As an added treat for you here is an Art in America article on Nicola Hicks from Jan. 2000 that will give you a clear picture of her work.


  1. check out you might dig it. not really art related but still great.


  2. Thanks Tim. I've had fun looking thru that link.