Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Artist Proof

Artist Proof, Julie
charcoal on layered vellum
38" x 25"

I just finished this drawing of my lovely printmaker friend Julie Niskanen.  It is one of my layered drawings on vellum.  What I like so much about working on vellum is the semi-transparent nature of the material as well as the ease of erasing all the way back to white.  This drawing only has two layers (figure on top and tatoo below), but sometimes I will do several layers and the further the layer back is, the further ghosted it is.  It's a nice physical representation of the deeper layers we all have obscured with in us.  

 Artist Proof, Julie (detail)

You can read a previous post I did about Julie's work by clicking here.


  1. I love this combination of line and shade.

  2. Aleks, Thanks! It takes a graphic designer to appreciate that! ;)