Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's taken me a long time to get this painting to just this point (in grisaille).  I think I started this painting about a month ago but I have had other projects to wrap up.  So, although I've really wanted to be working on this all the time, it has been slowly developing in bits and pieces, as I found 'extra' time.  I'm excited by this new painting.  I've been painting so small since our move to North Carolina, so it is immensely freeing and exhilarating to be painting life size once again.  It feels like I've found a bit of my old self to be working this large again.

 Susan at Kitchen Table, 36" x 48" oil on panel (working title and in progress)

So, you may remember my Scattered post, about trying to find inspiration amidst distractions and frustrations.  Well, because of that snow storm, I got the idea for this painting and another (which hopefully will surface beyond the image in my head).  I asked a neighbor who not only is a lovely person, but also has a lovely view from her kitchen, if she would be willing to model for me.  Amazingly, I didn't scare her off, or at least she feels she owes me since I rescued her from that Copperhead snake in her garage last fall (that's another story).  This grisaille is nearly done, but I can't wait any longer... I'm dying to get into the color...  Wish me luck!
 Susan at Kitchen Table, Detail (working title and in progress)


  1. You have a wonderful composition going. How nice of your neighbor to pose. A very interesting face.

  2. just stunning, not only in composition but handling of the subject on an emotional level. i actually love it as it is! but curious to see how you continue.... so break a leg:)

  3. The soft quietness of this composition run through not only the background but also face expression.
    It allows the viewer to step into the environment and mind of the subject.
    Your talent to capture this moment
    in time is excellent, Thank you for sharing. RN

  4. Can't wait to see it finished! do you always start in grisaille?

  5. Wow! What great comments. Thank you all!

    Amber, for the most part yes, I do usually start with a grisaille of some sort. It can be as fully executed as this, or with thinner washes that are more simplified. For me, I really think it helps to have the values pretty well figured out before having to deal with color.