Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Elementary

On Sunday, I had the distinct pleasure of working with two parents who have a child in my daughter's class.  Earlier this year, I was approached by the school's Art Teacher, who asked if I would be willing to do a video interview on portraiture for 3rd - 5th graders.  Well an interview turned into a video demonstration of a how I would approach the portrait in charcoal.  I asked one of the moms from the class if she could volunteer her time as my model.  She not only offered that, but also the very skilled hand of her husband, a professional film maker.  Whoa - no pressure now!  The three of us managed to have a fantastically funny and productive afternoon.  I was able (between out-takes) to present some pretty big concepts and technical approaches to the portrait, yet in an easily digestible way for any 3rd grader to understand (hopefully).  Here is the drawing that was created for the demo.  All in all, I think I had about 2 hours in on this drawing.  It will be fun to see the full edited version of the video and especially to hear of the children's reactions!  How amazing to be a part of something for our future artists.  Thank you to my fantastic model and her camera man.  Also, I am quite grateful to Mrs. M for the wonderful opportunity and for her extraordinary efforts to share her love of Art with our children.

Portrait Demo, charcoal on paper, 24" x 18"


  1. Awesome. When I taught art, I held nothing back in regards to concepts, history, etc. They'll get it. People were amazed at what my 5th/6th graders produced. They just need to be taught.
    Bravo, Alia.

  2. What a wonderful experience for both the class and you. A little jealous of those third graders on second thought. Wonderful drawing too!

  3. Kyle I feel that way in general for kids. There is no reason to dumb down concepts. Kids understand so much more than we give them credit for. Thanks for the constant encouragement!

    And Michael thank you so much as well! It really was a wonderful experience. I still haven't seen the final cut, but I'll try to send you a copy of it, or post it here. Take Care. :)

  4. Dear Alia (and the Fantastic Filmmaker!),
    Thank you so much for your wonderful gift to our school and to our future artists! The film is amazing. I hope you'll consider posting it on your website when the final version is ready because it will inspire kids and adults alike. Thanks again for your time, your creative energy, and your generosity.

    Mrs. M