Friday, April 20, 2012

The Expedition & Beyond continued

This past weekend a dozen women from across the US (unfortunately our Canadian contingent Kate Stone could not join us this time) traveled to Alexandria, VA for the opening reception of The Expedition & Beyond at Principle Gallery.  It was a fantastic evening event filled with meeting new collectors and other artists.  Thank you to all the folks that came from near and far to join us for this lovely exhibition!  You can read more about this exhibit both HERE and on the WPW site.  Also, a few bloggers have offered nice write ups about the exhibit: Matthew Innis on the Underpaintings Blog  and Tricia Ratliff on Agile Arts Blog.  Thank you both!  (You can also see more photos of the reception on my facebook page).

I went back the next morning to take a few installation shots.  Then, most of us headed to rural Pennsylvania for a short painting retreat at the home of Catherine Prescott.  I will post more about that soon...  In the mean time, enjoy taking a look through these photos.  The exhibition is up through May 15, 2012.

Terry Strickland: The Three Fates; Mia Bergeron: Silence

Diane Feissel: Where the Land Meets the Water; Alia El-Bermani: Diane with Kitten

 Alexandra Tyng: Elemental Balance; Rachel Constantine: Departure/ Arrival

 (over fireplace) Stefani Tewes: The Stillness Beneath
 Alia El-Bermani: Becoming;  Catherine Prescott: Northern Interior
Alia El-Bermani: Becoming

(foreground) Cindy Procious: Jewels of the Ocean; Sadie Valeri: Self Portrait at 39 

 Rachel Constantine: Self Portrait with a Man

Stefani Tewes: Embrace

 Alexandra Tyng: Hot Enough

Cindy Procious: Where's the Tobasco;  Mia Bergeron: Away; Linda Tracey Brandon: China Frog and Red Peonies; Catherine Prescott: Death is Not a Domesticated Pet;  Linda Tracey Brandon: Mia in a White Turban

   (far right) Katherine Stone: Lucie in the Wind; Sadie Valeri: Undersea

Katherine Stone: Vanitas

Principle Gallery
208 King St
Alexandria, VA  22314

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