Monday, March 30, 2009

Amazing Grace final

Well, I was able to get one more session on this drawing. It always seems that there is more I would do. I'd love to have had the time to get more of the subtlety across her chest and clavicles, but I will just have to settle for the finish I was able to accomplish with the limited time. What are your thoughts? Should I have left the drawing as it was before??

Portrait Drawing
charcoal on paper
24" x 18"


  1. its wonderful! I love your strokes...thy are so fluid...

    Keep em coming!
    Am going to be a regular passer by :)


  2. Re: amazing grace
    I think maybe a restatement of the darks. I love contrast so maybe it's my bias. But it seems the previous stage had a stronger statement in the darks and this pass has lost some of that oomph. Also, to my eye, the darks in the face don't match the darks in the body. Or mabye I'm just seeing things. Looks gorgeous though. Nice work. AL

  3. Gulzar, wow. It's amazing to me how world wide the web actually is. It is just so cool to have someone in India looking at my fresh work. And thank you for the very nice comments.

    AL, I understand what you are saying about loving contrast. When trying to introduce subtlety some of that has to go for less graphic, more accurate observation.

    What I'm missing is the obvious un-doneness of the first pass... this piece is now in an uncomfortable state of finished/ unfinished limbo and that's just how it goes sometimes.