Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Progress

Well, this is a small painting I've been working on now for several weeks and it is slowly coming along. This is no where near complete, but I thought perhaps it might be worth sharing, regardless. I am trying to build up the texture of the spilt sugar and will add some glazing to give it more volume once I get the desired texture. Much more of the fabric to tackle and of course every time I set down to paint, I always see more in the little bowl. I get sucked into the reflections and subtle color and value shifts on that object. Wish the whites didn't look so 'dirty'. White seems to be the most challenging color to paint. I love a challenge!

Sugar Bowl
oil on panel
8" x 8"


  1. I love your work! Beautiful, painterly quality and color palette.

  2. Thank you both so much (especially for writting these nice comments on THIS piece). I'm struggling a bit with this one, but I'm sure that means it's going to be a keeper.

    Carol, I just checked out your blog and wow. Beautiful!

    And Jeff, as always, I love your paint.