Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Figures

The top two drawings were done with graphite, the rest are ink using a new brush pen that my husband picked up for me. This is THE best brush pen I have come across. You can get incredibly fine lines with it, (which has been my main complaint with the majority of commercial brush pens). I love to use an ink well and series 7 brush when in the studio, but this is so much easier to tote to the many figure drawing groups I go to. A lot less clean up as well. My husband, Greg Baldwin (of Creaturebox) gives the details about the maker of the brush pen and describes how he is using it on his blog which you can check out here. We discovered that if you order it from the UK, you get extra refills and it's slightly cheaper (even with shipping). I hope some of you will give it a try.


  1. Nice work! I like especially the fourth and the fifth!

  2. wow, these are beautiful. Love the brush pen drawings.

  3. Fausto, Vinny and Perez FA, thank you all so much. Favorites are hard for me to pick, so I love hearing when others find drawings that stand out to them. For me, each drawing has a value, because of the opportunity to observe and play with line.