Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bo Bartlett Workshop

Bo Bartlett, The Triumph of Romance, 2009 oil on linen 76 x 90 inches

It's getting closer! I've signed up for a 3 day workshop at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with Bo Bartlett in October. I am so thankful for my ever supportive husband for being brave enough to let me take a weekend away. He's all ready told the kids that that means they are going to be in vacation mode (ie. staying up late, eating whatever they want, and getting into assorted bits of trouble).

I am (almost) as equally excited to explore Philadelphia. I'll share with you my first impressions upon my return. From a far, I am all ready looking forward to being in a city that has a multitude of quality fine art, as well as history. (Raleigh is really lacking in both of these categories for me lately).

Bo Bartlett, Manifest Destiny, 2006 oil on panel 33 x 33 inches

I first came across Bo Bartlett's work at a group exhibition at my college's gallery while I was still a student there. His work captured my attention by being at once calm and quiet, yet hauntingly powerful. You can see how Andrew Wyeth (a mentor and friend) has influenced him yet his work retains a character of its own. His compositions are often slightly unconventional, for example with low vantage points and his colors seem muted with subtle greys. I recently received the materials list and was amused to find a key component is a yoga mat. I'm looking forward to learning about his process and studio habits. I'll be sure to take notes and distill them into some kind of knowledge that I can share with you.

Bo Bartlett, Sweetness, 2008 oil on panel 24 x 24 inches
You can find more images on Bo Bartlett's website as well as some interesting writings in his Message section.


  1. I love Bo Bartlett's work! I saw one of his exhibitions at the Farnsworth Museum a couple of years ago and was mesmerized by his work. What did you learn from him?

  2. I know, I know Kathy. I apologize for taking so long to do a follow up post. I've been having technical/ modem problems and then I also wanted to let some of the information seep into the right places before I did my post. I will try to get something up soon. To tease you a bit, this workshop wasn't REALLY about technical matters as much as an Artist's Philosophy. It was a very inspiring weekend, to say the least.

    Thanks for visiting!