Friday, September 11, 2009

To Post, or Not to Post...

I know I've asked this question before. I still don't have any solid feelings on whether I should share publicly paintings or series of works that are in development. I have finished two little beauties, that I'd love to post here, but my gut tells me to hold out. Stingy bitch that I am... No, it's not that really. These 2 paintings are the first of a new series for my solo show that is coming up sometime in the fall of 2010 at Sullivan Goss in Santa Barbara, CA. In all honesty, I should be much further along on this show... but with things like relocating to a new state, and family health issues and the loss of a beloved pet... you know LIFE... I'm woefully behind. Initially, I also had started painting in a direction that my heart was not interested. It took me several months to find a new direction that suited my head, heart and past images. Perhaps it's my inner narcissist, but I tend to see all my work as a single continuum, a single thread. That one leads to the next, or relates to another from further in the past and that there should be symbols (even if only apparent to myself) in one that relates to another. I imagine retrospectives or hard bound books that could easily show that progression... yeah, like a said, inner narcissist dreaming... Any thoughts?


  1. Thank you for these thoughts. There are clues to answers and clues to more questions in them. I feel something similar; loss seems always part of the equation, motion is inevitable, and yet somewhere in there is hope(?) The continuum of work (both effort and product)is what unifies and makes coherent the noise of it all. Good luck with the show!

  2. Mike, your words are much more poetic than mine. Clues to more questions is so true! I don't think I took the time with this post for it to be as clear as it should be. Thanks for your comments!